Benjamin Sesko and the fastest hat trick of the bulls

Benjamin Seiko is tough to see that he has just attained a hat method that has actually provided Red Bull Salzburg a clear 4-2 success in Dusseldorf.
The 19-year-old patiently answers the concerns of reporters in the mixed zone.
His solutions are scheduled.
I’m attempting to always do my best.
I recognize what I am doing.
Occasionally confidence is expanding once more.
The young Slovenian, that was picked before the period, lastly steps into the footsteps of Haaland, that was migrated 3 years earlier, it must be noted that the past few months have not been the easiest for him.
Since his transfer to Leipzig was announced last August at the end of the season, Seiko goals have actually been in short supply.
After just five fall objectives, he slipped in the club’s inner demonstrator ranking in between.
Against Rapid, he only entered into bet the break for Noah Orator.
He does not make any type of claims also after his seven-minute hat technique.
The next time I just play 10 mins, I will still provide 200 percent.

different from Haaland

When the reminded him of Erlang Haaland’s Hattrick-Owerses, it was just.
No, when his brand-new sweetheart, as Haaland carried out in his Salzburg Days, he would not signify the suit round, which he can take residence for his hat technique.
However he indicates a lot to me. He is now in the cabin as well as obtains a special location in your home.
After a three-pack and also four-person for Differing, he will advise him of his first hat technique for Red Bull Salzburg.
Furthermore, in seven mins.
Erlang Haaland never ever managed him faster than in 38 mins.
Also document objective scorer Jonathan Soriano, who made eight multipacks in the Bundesliga, when took 15 minutes for his fastest three-pack.

fastest bull.

No other Salzburger racked up three objectives in a Bundesliga game so swiftly.
The Brazilian Alan, that later stormed for China, was the very first bull to do the hat technique in a 4-2 victory against Vienna Austria in December 2014.
On Easter Sunday 2021, Patron Data did the same.
The currently Leicester striker had his 3 goals in the 3-0 victory against Storm Graz after eleven mins in package.
Hans Rank, that has actually held the Bundesliga record for the fastest hat trick for more than 45 years, had actually not even done so early in the video game.


In Rapid’s 11-1 document victory versus the GAS, the later Toreador scored three of his seven objectives in the mins 58, 59 and 61. When he was advised of Rapid-Gratulant Andy Marek a few weeks earlier.
He disembarked his hand in front of his eyes as well as shook his head as if he desired to claim: Are you dapper, what I listed as a young BUA..

Thrusters in the Bundesliga.

Just another player in Bundesliga history pressed himself in between the three-minute Patrick from Rank and also the current seven-minute thing in Seiko.
One that would hardly be relied on today: the captain of 1. FC Union Berlin, Christopher Trimmed.
The right-back was still green-white demonstrator hope on August 2, 2009, when he was split 0-1 at the break of the video game versus Austria Carinthia and in a six-minute Furious (85th, 91st as well as 87th) of the pa cult.
– Trippe shot a 5-1 win.

It can not be assumed that Benjamin Seiko becomes a full-back in Leipzig.
Rather that he was asked to pay for the gasoline terminal stop of the Salzburgers heading residence.
The 19-year-old would certainly have no objection to it either.
The entire group deserves it..

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