Welcome Anila – The First Reinforcement to Granblue Fantasy: Versus Rising!


In good respect that respects itself, Gran blue Fantasy: Versus Rising will not fail to invite new heads to justify its existence.
To the 24 playable characters of the first GBVS, who will all be available by default here, is added Manila.
In the Lore of Gran blue Fantasy, Manila is described as one of the 12 divine generals, protector of the South-South West.
Convinced pacifist, this goddess knows how to spin her Paginate when necessary, without counting the very particular link that she has with sheep, noble animal involved in a good part of her offensive and defensive movements, not to mention her super dramatic
An energy that is reminiscent of May and its dolphins in Guilty Gear.
The sheet of this character describes as accessible to players of all levels also informs us that she is 18 years old and measures 1m42, which is always good to know.
The next character of the game will be revealed during the EVE Japan 2023, somewhere between March 31 and April 2.

Wool culture

Always developed by Arc System Works, Gran blue Fantasy: Versus rising will be available in 2023 by taking care of the Rollback network code and the cross play between PS5, PS4 and PC players as soon as it is released.
For the soloists, an abridged version of the History mode of GBVS will be available before continuing on an unprecedented scenario, while the online community will discover a new social space offering small cute avatars to take part in mini-games between the clashes.
The game system will of course be enriched by its share of new mechanics.

The official game of the game also illustrates three of these new features: Ultimate Skill, Dash Attack and New Triple Attacks.

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