5 of Teamfight TacticsGuide to the Duelist Composition in TFT Set 8.5 – What Favors, How to Position Champions?

He came the time of Glitch in the matrix, the set 8.5 of Team fight Tactics.
And who says Mini Set says new champions, synergies, and mechanics.
This time no big unit which takes two places, but a heroic increase for one of your champions.
Which will necessarily increase the possibilities.
Do not panic nevertheless, we have prepared for you guides to easily take control of compos.
And here is that of the duelist composition for TFT set 8.5.
What are the champions to recover as a priority?
What objects coveted in the carousel?
Who are your Carry’s?
All the information you need to play the composition well in the following lines.
Last update: 03/22/2023, patch 13.6

Information on the DUELIST ERS COMPOSITION OF SET 8.5 of TFT

Positioning of champions on the set

When to go on the composition cellists?

The Duelists fight with their attacks.
So, logically, you will want arcs so that your Twisted Fate can make a fight.
And, more seriously, a departure with a few duelists, support objects for Nil ah, and voilà.
To complete everything, a small emblem/increased duelist is the icing on the cake.



The Duelists gain speed of the antique at each attack, up to 12 times.


(2) + 5% Antique speed
(4) + 9% Antique speed
(6) + 15% Antique speed
(8) + 24% Antique speed


The aurochs gain bonus resistances.

The Aurochs units fight until their last breath, becoming invulnerable for 1 second the first time that they should die in combat.

(2) 20 Armor and magic resistance
(4) 50 armor and magic resistance
(6) 125 Armor and magic resistance

Sorry launcher

Every 5 seconds, the spell launchers replace their next attack with a magic orb sent to a random target, inflicting 50% of their magic damage.

Specters have Lap Bonus.

(2) +25 AP
(4) +60 AP
(6) +95 AP
(8) +140 AP;
Lobe inflicts 150% LAP

start of game

Priority objects

How to play the composition?

• This composition revolves around the new Carry’s of this set 8.5 (and which has the good taste for being a duelist): Twisted Fate.
• Nil ah stuffing side, you have two options.
The more utilitarian, as indicated above, or the 3 Iron Solar version (in this case, remember to put it in the center).
The two have their advantages, the first brings a more durable and autonomous Nil ah, while the second is there to bring a horde of shields, and synergize with increases around two.
• For the slightly more aurochs version, and a little less dualism, it’s here.
• If you can’t find Emblem, you can remove a duelist (most certainly Gangplank) to get a little what you want.
Obviously we will think of Fiddlesticks or Argot, even Janna.

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