Launched on October 12, 2021, Back 4 Blood only lasted a big year in terms of longevity.
In a message posted on their official website, Turtle Rock Studios announces the end of the follow -up for his Shooter Coop.

Hogwarts heir has excited fans of the franchise to immerse themselves in the magic world, but through the lens of one gaming experience of the next

Nexon Games announced that it will strengthen its development capabilities by hiring 300 people this year.
Nexon Games was launched as an integrated corporation on March 31 last year, and Nexon Company’s internship program ‘Nexorial’?

On a new impression of screenshot, you can now dream of Starfield.. Starfield is among the highlights for Xbox in the coming year

Ken Akamatsu, a member of the Diet in the previous election, said on Twitter that the game would get tired in 3 hours. At first glance, many critical voices were sent to the statements that seemed to neglect the game culture, and Akamatsu apologized for the remarks. But behind the scenes, he seemed to be…