Reading in Millenium: The Major Leagues have finished, and these are the players who have highlighted the most on the last day and will receive a special letter for FIFA star game mode.

It was a hot minute since we saw Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen in action for the last time.
The veteran of the League Championship Series did not make it to a League of Legends squad in time for the Spring Split 2022 after I

Read in Millenium: The Malaga Club officializes the arrival of Tim “Keduii” Willers, the German shooter from Berlin International Gaming who has fallen in love with the entire European community thanks to its great mechanical power and ease inside the Gri

Read at Millenium: Hans Sama, Team Liquid and, in general, the LOL community can breathe. Corejj will finally be able to keep the place of him as a starter in the LCS. The Korean would have little escaped a premature end of him due to AD problems

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Read in Millenium: Fnatic’s last game at LEC brought with it one of the funniest mistakes we have seen in this competititis season. In it, UpSet seems to forget about the great weakness of Zeri attacks to sign a second