For Bjergsen, this is simply among several achievements hes made during his time in the LCS. As noted on todays broadcast, Bjergsen leads NA in the majority of MVP titles, a lot of success, and a lot of kills, while likewise holding an overall of 6 LCS ch

After a speedy opening to the brand-new year, the European Organization of Legends scene is approaching the final series of the 2023 LEC Wintertime Split

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Reading in Millenium: League of Legends is a game in which communication can be vital when winning a game, but in which the attitude of our colleagues can make us lose calm.
I have deactivated the chat in my games to see

Reading in Millenium: The Major Leagues have finished, and these are the players who have highlighted the most on the last day and will receive a special letter for FIFA star game mode.

It was a hot minute since we saw Nicolaj ‘Jensen’ Jensen in action for the last time.
The veteran of the League Championship Series did not make it to a League of Legends squad in time for the Spring Split 2022 after I