The frustration at Borussia Dortmund is still ruling on Wednesday.
The first defeat in the eleventh competitive game of the calendar year meant the end in the Champions League – 0: 2 was called Chelsea on Tuesday evening.
From then on, the Dortm is base

Borussia Dortmund has attributed to the kick-off of the 29th matchday with a 2-0 (1: 0) victory at the VFB Stuttgart the minimal chance on the title and made the qualification for the Champions League as good as perfect.

A farewell in the coming summer of Borussia Dortmund’s Erling Haaland becomes an absolute European heavyweight becomes more likely. A transfer is made possible by an agreed exit clause, which had assured the BVB. The deadline

Arminia Bielefeld celebrated an important victory in the table cellar of the Football Bundesliga, which VfB Stuttgart, on the other hand, gave late two points from the hand. After closing whistle, there was no mood only in the Ländle. The voices of the c

Football Bundesligaist Borussia Dortmund also runs after the FC Bayern in the 2021/22 season. In order to have more opportunities on the championship in the coming season, BVB has now allegedly made four construction sites. One point should the separation

Rich 15 million euros Borussia Dortmund moved to the Argentine top club Boca Juniors in January 2019 to secure the services of Leonardo Baldi. The defensive player was never really warm with BVB. That last