Indie Game, Survival will come to opportunity, BIC (Busan Indie Connect Festival) The first day of the opening of the BIC (Busan Indie Connect Festival), CEO Cho Min -geun, CEO of Catsweiss Studio, gave a lecture on the theme of ‘Indie Game Survivor of

All of a sudden first: Borussia Mönchengladbach has refined the solid begin of the season under the brand-new coach Daniel Farke and momentarily took control of the lead in the Bundesliga.
The Fohlenelf defeated the additional winless Hertha from Berlin

Ken Akamatsu, a member of the Diet in the previous election, said on Twitter that the game would get tired in 3 hours. At first glance, many critical voices were sent to the statements that seemed to neglect the game culture, and Akamatsu apologized for the remarks. But behind the scenes, he seemed to be…

The title of Nexon Games, which will currently be called The First Descendant, prepares a test for the month of October.
Fans of the category Looter Shooter were fascinated with the proposal of what, up until currently, we understood as Project …

Anyone that is expecting a The Witcher 3 for the cell phone below will certainly be drastically let down.
(Photo: Onemt) The mobile game Increase of the Kings markets …

KANJOZOKU GAME Racer released on July 17 last week has gradually gained popularity. It seems to be popular, reminiscent of past popular runners racing games, such as the models and stages that imagine a Japanese expressway. KANJOZOKU Game Racer is a racing game released on STEAM on July 17. Set on roads that are allegedly…

If you are interested in how to correct the error of the state of synchronization of the account in Multiversus, should you start with several corrections for the mustache?

The game play video of ‘Kingdom: The Blood of the Royal’ was released on the 12th, based on the Netflix drama ‘Kingdom’, which was well received by the combination of the Joseon Dynasty and Zombie Thriller.
In this video,

In this week’s online game leaderboard, Lost Ark, which started a major summer event with the introduction of a new class ‘Meteorologist’, climbed two steps compared to last week and settled in 3rd place.
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