Ken Akamatsu, a member of the Diet in the previous election, said on Twitter that the game would get tired in 3 hours. At first glance, many critical voices were sent to the statements that seemed to neglect the game culture, and Akamatsu apologized for the remarks. But behind the scenes, he seemed to be…

The title of Nexon Games, which will currently be called The First Descendant, prepares a test for the month of October.
Fans of the category Looter Shooter were fascinated with the proposal of what, up until currently, we understood as Project …

Long dive Olympic champ Malaika Mihambo is one of the biggest German gold hopes from today at the European Championships.
For the 28-year-old it is clear what the focus has to remain in the emphasis of a brand-new German Olympic application

Riot Games on the 3rd ‘League of Legends (LOL)’ on the official YouTube channel ‘COME BACK HOME |
The lost cultural heritage has released the video in our arms.
The lost cultural heritage is in our arms’ ??

Anyone that is expecting a The Witcher 3 for the cell phone below will certainly be drastically let down.
(Photo: Onemt) The mobile game Increase of the Kings markets …

Augmented Steam aids you save, know more as well as organize your video games, sell … have we stated since it aids you save?
When you attempt augmented steam, you will certainly forget to acquire and also check out with the primary system …

Nexon returns to G -Star in four years.
Nexon announced that it will participate in G -Star 2022, which will be held on November 17th.
In this G -Star, Nexon operates 300 booths and outdoor exhibition halls, the largest single B2C building ??