Nexon is a donation racing event held on September 29 in its online game ‘Cartrider’, a donation racing event, Run for 3000, to make up for the Children’s Foundation for Children.

Nexon (CEO Lee Jung -heon) is Kim Byung -kwon in the final final for selecting the national team of the EA SPORTS ™ FIFA Online 4 (hereinafter, ‘FIFA Online 4’), developed and serviced by EA Korea Studio. Kwak Jun -hyuk said on the 2nd that he was selected as a national candidate through fierce competition.…

Nexon’s same person will be changed from the founder of Kim Jung -ju to NXC Yoo Jung -hyun.
Yoo is the largest shareholder of NX, the founder of Kim and Nexon.
The Fair Trade Commission is subject to public announcement on the 27th?

Nexon has published a statement informing us of & quot; unexpected death & quot; From his founder Kim Jung-Ju. Also called Jay Kim, the Philanthrope businessman had founded the Korean studio in 1994 and left his leadership 2011. Married and P?