Nexon unveils the new trailer of The First Descendant, a month before the Steam Test, to the Tokyo Game Show (TGS) and inform global players once again.
TGS opening day 15?

On August 24, NEXON GAMES released the official trailer for the cooperative action route shooter The First Descendant . This work will be distributed for free for PC (Steam)/PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The delivery time is undecided. The First Descendant is a root shooter that combines TPS and action RPG. Players will be…

The title of Nexon Games, which will currently be called The First Descendant, prepares a test for the month of October.
Fans of the category Looter Shooter were fascinated with the proposal of what, up until currently, we understood as Project …

[Nexon: Nexon] -Recalls in the second half of the year, pre -registration opening, providing various compensation items to all participants -class information for the first time such as class…
Various videos including worldview trailers -Hit 2 developm

[Eye News 24 Moon Young-su] Net Games and Nexonji announced on the 31st that he completed the merger between the two companies and is officially launched as Nexon Games, which is an integrated corporation. According to the merger, Nexon Games

[Data provided: Nexon] Nexon Company is a newly departing newly departing, and the newly departing development of the development of the integrated corporation, which will serve as a key developer, Nexon Games’s Lineup

[Data provided: Nexon] – February 8, approved merger in a temporary group, March 31, March 31 ‘Nexon Games’ official launch – Nexon’s new CI released by Nexon Core Developer identity – ‘HIT2’, ‘Project D’ And merger