Announced last month as part of the huge homage to the 25th anniversary of FF7, Crisis Core: Final Fantasy 7 Get-together is a lot more sufficient prior to its scheduled getaway for this winter months on all systems.
In 2007, the launch of this action-RPG

Tetsuya Nomura has actually excused not having the ability to introduce information to the wedding anniversary occasion.
It is a special week for the followers of Kingdom Hearts.
The Saga de Square Enix celebrates its 20th anniversary in …

Read at Millenium: After receiving many negative reviews after the announcement of the sale of NFT, Sega takes a step back and expresses that you can still change your mind.

There s a new devblog featuring FFXIV Lead Technical Artist Tatsuya Okahisa, where he information his very own history, just what function technological musicians do, and also takes us through some remarkable behind the scenes growth peeks.

Read in Millenium: We promise that this exists and has passed on the demo of the new Final Final Final in the Dark Souls style that is already available in PlayStation and Xbox.